Be Proactive

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People are either proactive or reactive

Reactive people don’t plan , They waste time on unproductive activities

They often blame others or events for their failure

If you’re proactive, you focus on preparing

If you’re reactive, you end up focusing on repairing.

John C Maxwell

Proactive people are reactive ahead of time

They are organised , innovative and committed not passively observing

They simply prepare for tomorrow’s work today

The Proactive man is a fast moving train en route for greatness

He creates road map of success while others wait to be told what to do

Pro-activity is creativity

Every creative design emanates from a proactive mind

The outside is a reflection of the inside where proactive thoughts are formed

The proactive soul stands tall in iridescent and ombre

Striking a pose on the runway with great sense of style

Confident with eyes fixed on the prize while ‘reactive folks’ observes

Proactive soul defied mediocrity while the reactive watches and day dream

God installed the Apps of creativity in the brain

It takes pro activity to launch your creativity

Everything that was ever invented stems from the human imagination

The future you anticipate stems from the inside

create it , don’t wait for others

Be Proactive

Happy 2018

Dr Stoph @realstoph