Fear and faith cannot occupy the same space , you must invite one


Hope is a feeling of expectation and  desire for a particular thing to happen.

Grounds for believing that something good may happen

Hm…….(deep breath)

Sometimes what you desire seems to be impossible

You see it in a distance

But with so much resistance

‘We must accept finite disappointment, 
but never lose infinite hope’  Martin luther

Perhaps, you are on a road trip and the warning light for empty tank pops up

Telling you to STOP!


HOPE is your ‘ fuel reserve tank

moving  the car to the nearest gas station for a refill , so you don’t have to terminate the journey to reach the TOP

Hope means looking forward always,

Feeling breathless but got reserve oxygen

Not giving up

Not quitting

Loving💖and being happy again

for though the righteous fall seven times, they rise again,

Prov 24:16


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Digital Love

First thing in the morning, 
last thing in the evening

Glued to phones, tablets and PC’s . 

Kisses , hugs and sex emojis to ignite romance💓

Thrilled by the likes and comments on social media

Yet folks bleed for true love!

Many are love lorn and see digital love as life saver

Mali music wrote
Love ain’t here no more, it’s gone away

Now the love is digital and it ain’t the same’

Everybody think they need that digital love

Chatting and engaging her via online calls for several hours but wont relate well physically
Cracking up his baby with allurement while privately message you  for an affair of the heart

Gosh! charmed by his text , you make a ‘smile that can make an elephant fly’

Of course its digital love life , a ‘ digital feeling’

Are you for real?
The 21st century is undeniably digital

However, the heart needs to be palpated physically

LOVE is a 4 letter word spelt GIVE

Sacrifice quality time to see the heaven in the eyes of the ‘special one’ and the Sun in her smile

Don’t stop at tweeting about orphans and vulnerable children

Reach out to them physically

Study digitally but be connected to God spiritually

Dr Stoph

IG @realstoph