Fitness is one the lifestyle of the 21st century

It is an art of being in good shape and eating healthy.
Working out with consistency is important for achieving fitness results. This does not only apply to athlete but to other aspects of life.

Success does not come from what you do occassionally , it comes from what you do consistently

You must be working out something daily i.e routines , drills , rehearsals.
Great speakers dilligently practice for every event.

It takes discipline and consistency to stick with daily exercise.

Cristiano Ronaldo works extra hard on the pitch to supplement his hours of gym work. He usually starts off his day with short sprinting drills, before indulging in tactical exercises with his teammates to improve his understanding with them. He also works on his skills and ball control by doing technical drills on a regular basis.

Along with his regular training, Ronaldo maintains a high protein diet.He stays away from fatty and sugary foods, usually indulging in fish, vegetables and fruits. He eats up to six meals every day to make sure he has enough energy to train with the highest intensity possible, and avoids alcoholic drinks as well.

Folks who present their crafts without practice will loose shape and fade out with time.

Consistency entails making success a habit.

Unfortunately, the human mind finds it difficult to keep pace with desired goals that requires long waiting period. Most people become unmotivated and tired due to delayed gratification. Only few are consistent in waiting , standing against the wind until they achieve thier desired goals

People easily adopt habits tailored towards immediate gratification due to euphoria and fast reward system.Therefore it is easier to become addicted to high mood drugs than being consistent with being fit physically or achieving other goals in life.

Below are 4 tips of achieving consistency using the fitness routine model

1. Schedule your plan
     Design an adaptable plan that will not leave you tired. Identify time and date
     If its not scheduled , it is stressful

2. Start small
     Baby steps equal massive success. Convert slow and steady to fast and steady
     Increase the intensity of your practice with time

3. Accountability Partner
   Have a trusted and serious minded team mate

4. Resistance training

Like an athlete lift weights against gravity to build and tone muscle, you must defy gravity and emotional swings to standout
           The secret of success is consistency in Life purpose

            Leadership comes with consistency

Consistent actions creates consistent results . Between your goals and the desired end to achieve fitness in Life purpose is consistency

The only bad workout is the one that didnt  happen

Practice , be consistent , be fit for perfomance

The world is waiting for you to do more expolits



Author: Dr Stoph

A Mindset coach helping you redefine life for positive impact