They dont care!

You said….

I ‘ m hurting ,  feel like drowning , having suicidal thoughts
I ‘m tired of everything
They wont help me
No one to encourage me

She said…..

He left me with without a good bye
I cried myself to sleep most times
I cant encourage ‘me’ to smile again

They said…..

Things look difficult , cant find job , the future is bleak
Wondering if there ‘ll ever be a light at the end of the tunnel
Nobody to encourage us
Life means pain ?
We feel like cars in reverse motion!

Take a look at the reality..

Like a plant , the root grow downwards ( reverse motion ) to anchor the seed , search for food and nutrient from the soil . The shoot starts growing upwards towards light. The product is fresh leaves

Look up!

The strenght from within the soul comes from God
Your soul is a soil that contains nutrients , enzymes and metabolites for growth

Man is a measure of his mind , so delete whatever depresses you

You dont drown by falling in the water, you drown by staying there

Dont get bitter, get better
Dont get beaten in the battle , get better

An Encourager is one who inspires with courage and I dont have to wait for people to perform that task for me, so I encourage me always

Wherever you go no matter what the weather, always bring your own sunshine…Anthony J D’Angelo
Love youself when no one can , encourage yourself

The true symbol of Democracy in Africa ‘ Nelson Mandela’ encouraged himself with the classic poem ‘ invictus’  even while serving 27 years imprisonment

Encouragement should come from inside
Encourage yourself via little ways
You must dance to your music
Encourage yourself
Find strength and re-ignite your passion
Every day bring new choices
I encourage me


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Author: Dr Stoph

A Mindset coach helping you redefine life for positive impact

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