1. Build a successful business empire from the scratch and become billionaire before age 30

2. Be the best Mum to my two children

3. Be a philantropist to the less priveleged

Captioned from documented lifetime goals of Leila , a cute young girl with great aspirations


Many people have great goals but only few achieve their targets

WHY are folks not achieving their goals ?

The list is endless!
Lets take a look at the 3 main causes of ‘ goal failure’

Procastination         P
Infoxication              I
Vague  goals           V
acroynm PIV


Procastination is an opportunity assasin.

It comes from people who are waiting to be motivated and the feelings never come.
Dont wait for the feelings to come , Act now

The brain rewards the body with excitatory neurotransmitters making it feel good and satisfied after a desired task has been successfully executed

Action first , feelings will come thereafter

Procastination is an art of inserting lots of commas in the sentence of life.

It makes easy things hard and hard things harder

Procastinators spend longer time distracting themselves doing the wrong things , but delay starting the right thing
Stop distracting yourself

‘ Lost time  is never found again’
   ‘You may delay but time will not’     Benjamin Franklin

Procastination is simply the art of keeping up with yesterday.


Infoxication or information overload is dealing with more information than you are able to process , having diffculty in making sensible decision.

Having in your possesion more than you can handle

We are in the era of information overload . for example , there about million ways to knot a tie on youtube and many folks have lots of tutorials on the mastery of their desired art.

Sadly , when the amount of information coming exceeds our ability to use it , our performance suffers

3.VAGUE GOALS i.e not setting SMART GOALS

Goals are bound to fail unless they are SMART i.e

a)Specific…..’I want to make the best out of life’ is not specific
                         I want to get a diploma certicate and be profficient in computer programming in                                      
                         16 weeks  ( August – october 2017) is specific

b)Measurable…yes , get the basics first before transforming to a guru

c)Achievable…..yes, starting the training with less difficulty level

d)Realistic……yes , dedicate about 3 hours to practice programming daily, 22 hours  daily is unrealistic

e)Timely ,..yes, in 16 weeks by the end of october 2017.

To make your goals  achievable, do a self reflection and evaluation

Are you currently a victim of the above 3 reasons WHY people fail to achieve their goals?

Its time to rise up , dont let excuses squeeze opportunities from you

A man with vision is a man in motion

Never put off till tommorow  what you can do today

Breakdown every task , set a deadline for each

Workout ONE GOAL at a time  and be focused on it
Now , you know WHY ur goals aint working


Be Great


Author: Dr Stoph

A Mindset coach helping you redefine life for positive impact

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