Fresh breath

Feeling blessed                        

Feeling high in the blue skies

Lub dub , Lub dub                                       Heart in throat                                           Reflex rhythmic smiles ☺

Birthday wishes out of the blue

Blown away and narcotized  by sincerity of the message uploaded on facebook!

Beautified by comments from friends     tagged across the globe

Every cohort V alumni felt this way on thier birthdays because of a goodhearted man behind the scene

Introducing Mr Selasie Stephen Asuo

A model for selfless service

True love 💖 is SELFLESS                        

It is prepared to sacrifice                        

It is never selfish

Half of the year gone , yet he sacrificed his time to make birthdays of cohort Vs memorable at no cost.

Rallying for 17 Sustainable development Goals for the Motherland ‘Africa’.

Sharing ground breaking stories of young leaders across africa via Afro radio network (arn)

Edwa b£ba a efiri a n>pa ‘                                               akan proverb

It means ,  the signs of a market boom starts in the morning.

Therefore, you can tell of someone’s character by his first action..SELFLESS service

Woforo dua pa a enna yepa wo>                                  akana proverb

If you climb a good  tree , you will get a push

Selasie has started a good thing and he will get help.

According to Kwame Nkrumah,

We face neither the east nor the west, we face forward

Be Selfless in your service to humanity

Selfless in speaking for women rights

Selfless in showing care to children

Selfless service aimed a transforming


Move Africa forward



A tribute to Mr Selasie Stephen Asuo

Dedicated to all RLC Cohort V Alumni





Author: Dr Stoph

A Mindset coach helping you redefine life for positive impact

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