dream Big

Burj Al Arab is one of the world’s only two ‘7’ star hotels.

It is shaped like a sail and stands on an artificial island

Surprisingly , the first material for its construction was neither concrete nor steel but a

potent dream


Everything is a product of someone’s dream

All men of actions are dreamers

Dreams transform into thoughts and thoughts result in action

So work today to change tomorrow


The poorest person in the world is a man without dreams      Myles Munroe


Activate your dream like Dr Martin Luther King and don’t give up on it

Even in the midst of life trials

Don’t lose your confidence

When you believe your dreams, it begins to attracts its own resources


Dream is not that which you see in sleep, your dream is something that does not let you  sleep     Dr Avul Pakir J Abdulkalam


A great dream begins with a dreamer

If you can dream it, you can do it

God gave you a dream that cannot die

Your dream will survive


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Fear and faith cannot occupy the same space , you must invite one

Hope is a feeling of expectation and  desire for a particular thing to happen.

Grounds for believing that something good may happen

Hm…….(deep breath)

Sometimes what you desire seems to be impossible

You see it in a distance

But with so much resistance

‘We must accept finite disappointment, 
but never lose infinite hope’  Martin luther

Perhaps, you are on a road trip and the warning light for empty tank pops up

Telling you to STOP!


HOPE is your ‘ fuel reserve tank

moving  the car to the nearest gas station for a refill , so you don’t have to terminate the journey to reach the TOP

Hope means looking forward always,

Feeling breathless but got reserve oxygen

Not giving up

Not quitting

Loving💖and being happy again

for though the righteous fall seven times, they rise again,

Prov 24:16


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Be Proactive

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People are either proactive or reactive

Reactive people don’t plan , They waste time on unproductive activities

They often blame others or events for their failure

If you’re proactive, you focus on preparing

If you’re reactive, you end up focusing on repairing.

John C Maxwell

Proactive people are reactive ahead of time

They are organised , innovative and committed not passively observing

They simply prepare for tomorrow’s work today

The Proactive man is a fast moving train en route for greatness

He creates road map of success while others wait to be told what to do

Pro-activity is creativity

Every creative design emanates from a proactive mind

The outside is a reflection of the inside where proactive thoughts are formed

The proactive soul stands tall in iridescent and ombre

Striking a pose on the runway with great sense of style

Confident with eyes fixed on the prize while ‘reactive folks’ observes

Proactive soul defied mediocrity while the reactive watches and day dream

God installed the Apps of creativity in the brain

It takes pro activity to launch your creativity

Everything that was ever invented stems from the human imagination

The future you anticipate stems from the inside

create it , don’t wait for others

Be Proactive

Happy 2018

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Fitness is one the lifestyle of the 21st century

It is an art of being in good shape and eating healthy.
Working out with consistency is important for achieving fitness results. This does not only apply to athlete but to other aspects of life.

Success does not come from what you do occassionally , it comes from what you do consistently

You must be working out something daily i.e routines , drills , rehearsals.
Great speakers dilligently practice for every event.

It takes discipline and consistency to stick with daily exercise.

Cristiano Ronaldo works extra hard on the pitch to supplement his hours of gym work. He usually starts off his day with short sprinting drills, before indulging in tactical exercises with his teammates to improve his understanding with them. He also works on his skills and ball control by doing technical drills on a regular basis.

Along with his regular training, Ronaldo maintains a high protein diet.He stays away from fatty and sugary foods, usually indulging in fish, vegetables and fruits. He eats up to six meals every day to make sure he has enough energy to train with the highest intensity possible, and avoids alcoholic drinks as well.

Folks who present their crafts without practice will loose shape and fade out with time.

Consistency entails making success a habit.

Unfortunately, the human mind finds it difficult to keep pace with desired goals that requires long waiting period. Most people become unmotivated and tired due to delayed gratification. Only few are consistent in waiting , standing against the wind until they achieve thier desired goals

People easily adopt habits tailored towards immediate gratification due to euphoria and fast reward system.Therefore it is easier to become addicted to high mood drugs than being consistent with being fit physically or achieving other goals in life.

Below are 4 tips of achieving consistency using the fitness routine model

1. Schedule your plan
     Design an adaptable plan that will not leave you tired. Identify time and date
     If its not scheduled , it is stressful

2. Start small
     Baby steps equal massive success. Convert slow and steady to fast and steady
     Increase the intensity of your practice with time

3. Accountability Partner
   Have a trusted and serious minded team mate

4. Resistance training

Like an athlete lift weights against gravity to build and tone muscle, you must defy gravity and emotional swings to standout
           The secret of success is consistency in Life purpose

            Leadership comes with consistency

Consistent actions creates consistent results . Between your goals and the desired end to achieve fitness in Life purpose is consistency

The only bad workout is the one that didnt  happen

Practice , be consistent , be fit for perfomance

The world is waiting for you to do more expolits




They dont care!

You said….

I ‘ m hurting ,  feel like drowning , having suicidal thoughts
I ‘m tired of everything
They wont help me
No one to encourage me

She said…..

He left me with without a good bye
I cried myself to sleep most times
I cant encourage ‘me’ to smile again

They said…..

Things look difficult , cant find job , the future is bleak
Wondering if there ‘ll ever be a light at the end of the tunnel
Nobody to encourage us
Life means pain ?
We feel like cars in reverse motion!

Take a look at the reality..

Like a plant , the root grow downwards ( reverse motion ) to anchor the seed , search for food and nutrient from the soil . The shoot starts growing upwards towards light. The product is fresh leaves

Look up!

The strenght from within the soul comes from God
Your soul is a soil that contains nutrients , enzymes and metabolites for growth

Man is a measure of his mind , so delete whatever depresses you

You dont drown by falling in the water, you drown by staying there

Dont get bitter, get better
Dont get beaten in the battle , get better

An Encourager is one who inspires with courage and I dont have to wait for people to perform that task for me, so I encourage me always

Wherever you go no matter what the weather, always bring your own sunshine…Anthony J D’Angelo
Love youself when no one can , encourage yourself

The true symbol of Democracy in Africa ‘ Nelson Mandela’ encouraged himself with the classic poem ‘ invictus’  even while serving 27 years imprisonment

Encouragement should come from inside
Encourage yourself via little ways
You must dance to your music
Encourage yourself
Find strength and re-ignite your passion
Every day bring new choices
I encourage me


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1. Build a successful business empire from the scratch and become billionaire before age 30

2. Be the best Mum to my two children

3. Be a philantropist to the less priveleged

Captioned from documented lifetime goals of Leila , a cute young girl with great aspirations


Many people have great goals but only few achieve their targets

WHY are folks not achieving their goals ?

The list is endless!
Lets take a look at the 3 main causes of ‘ goal failure’

Procastination         P
Infoxication              I
Vague  goals           V
acroynm PIV


Procastination is an opportunity assasin.

It comes from people who are waiting to be motivated and the feelings never come.
Dont wait for the feelings to come , Act now

The brain rewards the body with excitatory neurotransmitters making it feel good and satisfied after a desired task has been successfully executed

Action first , feelings will come thereafter

Procastination is an art of inserting lots of commas in the sentence of life.

It makes easy things hard and hard things harder

Procastinators spend longer time distracting themselves doing the wrong things , but delay starting the right thing
Stop distracting yourself

‘ Lost time  is never found again’
   ‘You may delay but time will not’     Benjamin Franklin

Procastination is simply the art of keeping up with yesterday.


Infoxication or information overload is dealing with more information than you are able to process , having diffculty in making sensible decision.

Having in your possesion more than you can handle

We are in the era of information overload . for example , there about million ways to knot a tie on youtube and many folks have lots of tutorials on the mastery of their desired art.

Sadly , when the amount of information coming exceeds our ability to use it , our performance suffers

3.VAGUE GOALS i.e not setting SMART GOALS

Goals are bound to fail unless they are SMART i.e

a)Specific…..’I want to make the best out of life’ is not specific
                         I want to get a diploma certicate and be profficient in computer programming in                                      
                         16 weeks  ( August – october 2017) is specific

b)Measurable…yes , get the basics first before transforming to a guru

c)Achievable…..yes, starting the training with less difficulty level

d)Realistic……yes , dedicate about 3 hours to practice programming daily, 22 hours  daily is unrealistic

e)Timely ,..yes, in 16 weeks by the end of october 2017.

To make your goals  achievable, do a self reflection and evaluation

Are you currently a victim of the above 3 reasons WHY people fail to achieve their goals?

Its time to rise up , dont let excuses squeeze opportunities from you

A man with vision is a man in motion

Never put off till tommorow  what you can do today

Breakdown every task , set a deadline for each

Workout ONE GOAL at a time  and be focused on it
Now , you know WHY ur goals aint working


Be Great

Dear YOU

Dear U ,

Welcome to the last week in the month of July , 2017 .
I know it has been smooth and may be rough . Nevertheless , keep hope alive

SET A GOAL and DON’T QUIT until you attain it
Set another goal and don’t quit until you reach it

Focus on what you can control
One thing you can control is your performance
Be better than yesterday , innovate ,make a difference

‘Out of the box’ is where true talent and the genius in you thrives and breath
Improve your performance and harness speed in your business


Write your goals for the week……….Don’t quit

Be Great!


Fresh breath

Feeling blessed                        

Feeling high in the blue skies

Lub dub , Lub dub                                       Heart in throat                                           Reflex rhythmic smiles ☺

Birthday wishes out of the blue

Blown away and narcotized  by sincerity of the message uploaded on facebook!

Beautified by comments from friends     tagged across the globe

Every cohort V alumni felt this way on thier birthdays because of a goodhearted man behind the scene

Introducing Mr Selasie Stephen Asuo

A model for selfless service

True love 💖 is SELFLESS                        

It is prepared to sacrifice                        

It is never selfish

Half of the year gone , yet he sacrificed his time to make birthdays of cohort Vs memorable at no cost.

Rallying for 17 Sustainable development Goals for the Motherland ‘Africa’.

Sharing ground breaking stories of young leaders across africa via Afro radio network (arn)

Edwa b£ba a efiri a n>pa ‘                                               akan proverb

It means ,  the signs of a market boom starts in the morning.

Therefore, you can tell of someone’s character by his first action..SELFLESS service

Woforo dua pa a enna yepa wo>                                  akana proverb

If you climb a good  tree , you will get a push

Selasie has started a good thing and he will get help.

According to Kwame Nkrumah,

We face neither the east nor the west, we face forward

Be Selfless in your service to humanity

Selfless in speaking for women rights

Selfless in showing care to children

Selfless service aimed a transforming


Move Africa forward



A tribute to Mr Selasie Stephen Asuo

Dedicated to all RLC Cohort V Alumni




Digital Love

First thing in the morning, 
last thing in the evening

Glued to phones, tablets and PC’s . 

Kisses , hugs and sex emojis to ignite romance💓

Thrilled by the likes and comments on social media

Yet folks bleed for true love!

Many are love lorn and see digital love as life saver

Mali music wrote
Love ain’t here no more, it’s gone away

Now the love is digital and it ain’t the same’

Everybody think they need that digital love

Chatting and engaging her via online calls for several hours but wont relate well physically
Cracking up his baby with allurement while privately message you  for an affair of the heart

Gosh! charmed by his text , you make a ‘smile that can make an elephant fly’

Of course its digital love life , a ‘ digital feeling’

Are you for real?
The 21st century is undeniably digital

However, the heart needs to be palpated physically

LOVE is a 4 letter word spelt GIVE

Sacrifice quality time to see the heaven in the eyes of the ‘special one’ and the Sun in her smile

Don’t stop at tweeting about orphans and vulnerable children

Reach out to them physically

Study digitally but be connected to God spiritually

Dr Stoph

IG @realstoph